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By | August 24, 2019

The only potential concession suggested by the CAA/allowed by the DfT would be to permit the UK Associations to upload operator registration data for those members joining/renewing by the end of January 2020. All members would still have to pay the full fee however, and this would require the Associations to collect the fee from every member to pass on to the CAA. Due to transaction charges, we would have to collect a little over £17 from every member in order to pass on £16.50 to the CAA. Members joining/renewing after the end of January would have to register/pay directly on the DRES website regardless.

In addition, all members (including juniors) will still be required to take the CAA’s Remote Pilot competency test on the DRES website and Association Achievements will not be recognised at this time.

Considering all the above factors, the situation remains unacceptable to the UK Associations. After nine months of being slow timed/fobbed off/ignored, we feel that it is important that we now work to establish a clear position so that members know where they stand in good time for 2020 renewals.

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