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      Paul Orris

      I have acquired a Wots Wot airframe and am currently installing an OS 95AX engine.

      Can anyone advise as to how far (if at all) I should offset this engine from the fuselage centreline?


      Paul Orris

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      Bob Ball

      HI Paul,
      You don’t say if it’s ARTF or from a kit.
      If its ARTF the bulkhead will have been buit in at the correct angle
      If kit built it depends on the builder but it would have been clear in the instructions.
      The offset depends on the length of the engine, the object is to position the mount
      so that the back if the spinner is on the fus. centreline.
      The thrust angle is imortant but the offset is just to make the spinner, cowling
      and fuselage line up nicely.

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      Paul Orris

      Hi Bob,

      Great info, that clears things up nicely.

      Many thanks, Paul

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