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    Paul Orris

    Apparently some members are having problems logging on to the club website.

    Maybe this will help.

    Are you sure you are using the correct login for the page? The club (shared) login (which changes tomorrow) only works for the members area, and needs to be put in when you are actually on one of the members area pages.
    If you enter the club password on the home page it won’t work.

    Your personal (individual) login works from the home page or from the forum pages and is only for the forums.

    The idea is that anyone can see the public pages, all members can see all of the members pages, but not the public, but to post or comment on the forums you need to log in to verify your identity.

    This setup is the same as the one we had on the old website.

    If this doesn’t work please get in touch and I’ll help if I can. Paul O

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    Ian Newton

    I am having no problems Paul. Well done on the website. Good to see it healthy and well maintained. Keep up the good work. Ian

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    Paul Orris

    Thanks Ian and for your help.

    I think because users were taken back to the members area after logging in it appeared to have failed, but, clicking on the menu items below the tab after logging in, opens the pages which it didn’t before logging in.

    I’ve put a note on the members page to try to clear this up.

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    Paul Morris

    Hi Paul
    Having no problems logging in either the web site or the forums maybe at club night this could be explained before the talk.

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    Terry Masters

    Hi Paul,
    Help please. I am trying log in to members details but get nowhere with either of two possible passwows.
    Would appreciate your help.
    Terry Masters

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    Paul Orris

    Hi Terry,

    I’m sorry, I only just chanced upon your post.

    If you let me know the password you are using, via the contact form (under contact us) then I can help you.



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