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      Graham Rousell

      I’m grateful to those of you who have given “buddy” time on my limited availability to visit the club with my foamy glider. One of the many aspects of patience displayed was with my limited knowledge of the JR Pro radio gear I have, and the fact that most of you are familiar with the Spektrum equipment. There is a glimmer of hope however… I have the possibility to change over to Spektrum technology, so would welcome recommendations of what to go for.

      As well as the electric glider (3ch control), I also look to bring a high wing trainer to the club next year (4ch), and then who knows where this will lead to? Therefore any recommendations for the transmitter and receivers will be gratefully received.

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      Ian Newton


      My advice, for what it is worth, is get the best Tx you can afford. Upgrading is always a costly experience so buy for the future now. Don’t go for any of the ‘e’ range(i.e. DXe, DX6e or DX8e) As a minimum go for a DX6G3 (or possibly a DX6G2 if buying second hand – same as DX6G3 but without diversity aerial). This will meet all of your current needs. However, there are some key words in your post ” then who knows where this will lead to”. It is true that as we get more involved in our hobby we get more adventurous. If funds permit then stretch to a DX8G2 or even a DX9. There are choices beyond that but you are getting into really serious flying beyond this point. Why would you want more than 6 channels? Well, if you get a plane with some of the following you will soon need more than 6. Flaps, Navigation/landing lights/ a servo per aileron with mixing to permit use as flaperons or spoilers, larger models with a servo per elevator surface, bomb doors and release and sound generation all consume extra channels as a few examples. Gliders/sailplanes also absorb extra channels very quickly. Many modellers however are satisfied with 6 channels so consider where you think you may go in the future and buy accordingly. Whatever you opt for keep the airware up to date to ensure that you get the best out of your equipment (even new TX’s usually need to be updated! ) The current version is 2.03 with version 1.09 sound files. Updating is simple and hassle free. You may find this link useful

      As for receivers look at the Lemon range sold by BRC and Robotbirds (avoid the HobbyKing Orange offerings). They are fully compatible with Spektrum, get excellent reviews, are reliable and considerably cheaper than OEM equivalents. They also do a range with telemetry, something yo may find interesting and useful. I have several models fitted with them and they are at least as good as Spektrum’s own offerings if not better. They are my go-to now for any new model.

      I hope this helps a little. Happy flying!

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      Graham Rousell

      Excellent information and detail, thank you!

      From this I think I should be able to go for the DX8G2 (which leaves plenty of room for my experience to grow – ever the optimist!) , and a couple of 4 or 6 channel receivers for now of the Lemon range you recommend. Telemetry sounds like it could be useful, so I’ll investigate this aspect more.

      Thank you once again.


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      Rob Pattenden

      A bit late I know but have only been able to get on the forum since now.
      I totally agree with Ian’s recommendations.


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