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    Ian Walker

    Can anyone suggest why the shape of F3A aerobatic models is nothing like that of the full size designs (eg Extra EA 300) who perform a similar aerobatic schedule?

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    Ian Newton

    Ian, I think that the main answer is that as you scale things down they no longer react in the same way as in the full scale and airflows change. So some of the modifications and additions are an attempt to get a better response from the model. Some of it is maybe just ‘to look good’ but the guys flying these models at that level aren’t adding things just for the sake of it – they enhance the response of the model and make the manoeuvres more accurate. For instance, the Sebart Mytho S Pro has winglets just behind the canopy that I believe are supposed to improve (smooth) the airflow over the rudder. I’m no authority on it but that is my understanding (I doubt I would notice the difference but flyers like Clive and Duncan may!).

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