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    Ian Walker

    Are members happy that the BMFA is proposing to allocate £28,ooo to the construction of the above?

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    Ian Newton

    While I personally have very little interest in control line flying I believe we should support all aspects of our hobby. The BMFA is there to represent model flying in all its variations. There are so many different aspects to our hobby – IC, Electric, Turbine, free flight, thermal soaring, slope soaring, control line, sport flying, pylon racing, aerobatics, competition flying etc etc. We all have our own predilections. Some of us restrict ourselves to one discipline, others enjoy many.
    Let’s support as much of the hobby as we can and hope to be able to attract people from all disciplines – after all their contributions are as important as others. Our hobby is already struggling to attract young recruits and we should aim to promote all aspects of the hobby. Just my view, but you did ask 🙂

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    Barrie Burton

    You only have to look at the BMFA newsletter to know that the BMFA is only interested in the minority aspects of the hobby,it seems that they could not care a toss about the vast majority of members, who pay their salaries.Just my view,but you did ask. I have also sent them emails that they fail to respond to,dont get me going I may have a heart attack.

    Barrie Burton

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    Paul Morris

    I agree with what others have written, £28,000 is nothing compared to what was spent buying and setting up the national centre at buckminster. Should all aspects of our hobby be catered for ? not just one or two

    Paul Morris

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