Pilot Positioning


The above diagram shows the system adopted by the club at a previous AGM and as recommended by Duncan Barker, one of our most senior members and a long-standing and very experienced instructor. Please remember the golden rule. MOVE THE CONE TO SUIT THE WIND AND FLY FROM THAT CONTROL BOX! The blue arrows above show the approximate directions the wind should be traveling when you are stood at that box. If it isn’t, you are in the wrong box so move the cone! Even if there are only two members, the first person should set up the site, starting with putting out the pegboard, then check the wind direction and decide which “Control Box” the cone should be placed at. Thus if others come to the site later, and the wind hasn’t changed, the correct procedure has been followed and everyone will copy the first persons set up. If you know how to take off whilst standing at the cone, that’s great, but if your habit is still to stand behind the model at take off, please move to the cone as quickly as you can as “dead sticks” can happen very quickly.
The above information remains the normal arrangement but provision has been made in the Safety Rules in 2017 for some modification to this guidance as long as all pilots are in agreement. PLEASE READ THE SAFETY RULES FOR THE FULL GUIDANCE.