Frequency Usage

Frequencies as used by Members.
The information below is based on the responses to a survey made of members in May 2015 and updated in 2016. 97% (68) of members responded. The statistics following are based on this data:

90% (61) of members now utilise 2.4GHz as their primary frequency (10% (7) continue to use 35MHz as their primary frequency)

Of those using 2.4MHz 67% use Spektrum, 11% use JR, 11% use Futaba, 3% use Hitec the remainder use Others

25% (15) of our members continue to use 35MHz even if only occasionally

Of those using 35MHz, 63% use Futaba, 19% use JR, 13% use Hitec and 5% use MPX

If you are looking for advice or guidance about a specific type of transmitter you may find this information of assistance.

2.4 GHz frequency usage
David Barker Alex Brain Alfie Brain
Brian Cobb Duncan Cowell Peter Critchley
Malcolm Dearing Chris Dee Bob Head
Trevor Hopkins Adrian Jones Cliff Keen
Stephen Lake Ron Large Terry Masters
Alan McChesney Harvey Morris Paul Morris
Roger Morris Ian Newton Rob Pattenden
Neil Rawlinson Tom Rawlinson
Ian Reid-Jones Brian Roberts Kevin Roberts
John Robinson John Stevens Bob Taylor
Dave Waddell Shaun Waters Brian Webb
Dennis Welchman George Whenham Isaac Wilkinson
Dave Williams Kevin Wrather Anthony Young
 Brendon Young
Rob Anstruther Allan Ballard David Barker
Duncan Barker Bob Herbert Cliff Keen
Teresa Pemberton John Robinson
Dick Blenkinsop Gareth Bryant Trevor Bysouth
Andy Dennison Chris Hughes Tom Jolley
Ray Moss
Bob Ball Terry Masters
Multiplex / FRSKY / Other
Chris Anthony Barrie Burton Adrian Jones
35 MHz Channel Usage
Name Primary Frequency (alternative frequency usage in brackets) Tx Manufacturer
Dick Blenkinsop 61 (58, 64, 70) Futaba
Cliff Keen 63 (61) JR
Simon Wragg 64 (66) Futaba
Tom Jolley 71 Futaba
Ray Moss 71 (67) Futaba
Trevor Hopkins 72
Chris Hughes 73 (67) Futaba
John Carpenter 73
Teresa Pemberton 75 Multiplex
John Stevens 80 (64) Futaba
Bob Head 85 (72) JR
Alan McChesney 86 JR
Ian Walker 87 (64, 76) Futaba
Tim Griffiths 88 (65, 69, 73) Hitec