Aeroloop retrieval pole

Aeroloop extending Plane retrieval pole

The Aeroloop is a purpose built extending pole fitted with a hook and strong Nylon loop extending from 1 metre to 7 metres

Exclusively designed by us it enables you to retrieve your plane from any bush or tree up to 30ft from the ground and safely return your pride and joy to the ground in ONE piece.

Instructions for use

Extend the Aeroloop plane retriever firmly to the required length taking care not to over tighten each section as this will cause them to jam.

Use the hook to clear away any intervening branches or undergrowth until you have a clear view of the aircraft.

Simply loop the nylon cord over the end of the planes tail and lift directly out taking care not to further damage any part of the aircraft and lower gently to the ground.

Planes up to 3lb in weight can be dead lifted gently to the ground, larger planes can be brought down vertically by collapsing one section carefully at a time until the aircraft is within each.

Important !

Do not over extend each section of pole from the preceding one as you may find that this causes them to lock firmly in place. Should you do this accidentally you may be able to free the jam by rotating the pole section above the jam clockwise, whilst at the same time the section below the jam counterclockwise, or vice versa. This operation is much easier with two people!