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Website Updates – 25/01/2020

What’s On – 2020– Page modified 25/1/2020 Membership Application– Form updated 09/01/2020 Ticker updated – 15/12/19 WMF, BMFA, CAA fees – 2020– Page modified 15/12/19 Important info from the DfT/CAA – Page added 22/10/19 Info from Paul Morris – Page added 14/10/19 News Ticker added to Home Page – 12/9/19 Update from the BMFA –… Read More »

**** Important Information from the DfT/CAA on the New Registration Scheme ****

Latest from the DfT/CAA – from Paul Morris, Club BMFA Representative The CAA have just published the following update: https://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Unmanned-aircraft/Our-role/Drone-and-model-aircraft-registration/ which is provided in full below: The UK’s new Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme will go live on 5 November 2019 (please note that you cannot register before this date). There will… Read More »

Info from Paul Morris

The AMC for Article 14 includes our suggested provision to permit registration numbers to be carried inside a model aircraft, which is consistent with what we agreed recently with the DfT/CAA.  “If the size of the UA does not allow the mark to be displayed in a visible way on the fuselage, or the UA represents… Read More »


Further to our previous update of 11th September (https://bmfa.org/News/News-Page/ArticleID/2610/An-update-on-the-UK-regulations-for-model-flyers-a-bit-of-good-news-at-last ). There is no real change to the situation as published. All parties are currently awaiting the outcome of the Secretary of State’s deliberations on the matter and there is little we can add until we receive this. What we can confirm however is that the… Read More »

Message from Paul Morris, Club BMFA Rep.

Just a note to remind members that the DRES test and registration that is due to go live tomorrow 1/10/19 will not go live until !!!!! but when it does members must not register or take the test until the BMFA lets us know what is happening.

Latest from the BMFA

The only potential concession suggested by the CAA/allowed by the DfT would be to permit the UK Associations to upload operator registration data for those members joining/renewing by the end of January 2020. All members would still have to pay the full fee however, and this would require the Associations to collect the fee from… Read More »

Annual Summer Barbecue – 21st July

Club BBQ This was held at the club field on Sunday 21st July, 2019. The attendance far exceeded anything we have experienced in recent years. With the parking area full,  it was necessary for at least one member to park in the field behind the hangar, Many members brought family and friends, who obviously enjoy… Read More »

Update from the BMFA

Update from the BMFA CEO, David Phipps Representatives of the UK Model Flying Associations met with the CAA yesterday afternoon (29th May 2019). The meeting was constructive, but without any real breakthrough to report at this stage.  The CAA were only able to discuss potential options within the restrictive policy framework dictated by the DfT. … Read More »