Summer Events

WMF Summer Activity Days

Every Tuesday Evening & Sunday Mornings

  • These are the popular times for social meeting and flying. It is a good time to get to know other members and arrange other activities like Thursday training. Help is usually available and training by arrangement.
  • Please note there is no IC flying after 2pm on Sunday, this is for electric only.

Every 2nd Tuesday Evening in the month

  • This is the official club night, very popular, and usually the BBQ is lit for you to bring your own food. This night usually happens regardless of the weather, even if no flying gets done.

Every 3rd Tuesday Evening in the month

  • This is the club competition night for a bit of fun and friendly rivalry. Extra helpers and spectators are always welcome.

Every Thursday Evening

  • This is an improvers evening where the more experienced ‘B’ certificate pilots are prepared not to fly their own models but assist others wishing to improve their flying.
  • All current ‘B’ Certificate holders are invited to participate in these evenings and give back a little of their experience.
  • The more trainers we have the more stick time the novices will get in the air.
  • If you require help, at any level, ASK, and once your plane has been set up, help yourself, by being fully fuelled and ready to fly at the flick of the prop.

The Last Thursday in the month

  • This is an assessment night specifically for those aiming for ‘A’ and ‘B’ certificates. It may include demonstration flights, mock exams, actual exams, the questions, and an appraisal of an individual’s progress over that month.

Friday Afternoons

  • This has developed into a gathering of our more senior members so if dihedral, scale and plan built monsters is your thing then tag along.


  • These are surprisingly quiet days, good for individual flying. This day is often used by heli flyers to avoid fixed wing flyers. Please note there is usually an unwritten etiquette to allow heli flyers a moment to fly without fixed wing planes at the same time.

Choose your moment and enjoy