Mowing Roster 2019

Thank you volunteers. Please take your turn near the date shown below. Note: During the peak growing season (May and June) the schedule shows the cutting to be done every five days.

In order to keep the cost of fuel down the pits should only be cut every other turn.

If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the mower then ask someone to show you.

Fuel supply (4 star unleaded).  Fuel is stored in the steel locker at the right hand side of the storage compartment in the hangar.  It is recommended to refuel the mower before starting mowing rather than on completion when the engine is hot and spilt fuel may ignite.


THE LOWEST BLADE SETTING IS FOR USE IN THE CIRCLE AND TAXI-WAY ONLY.  Use a higher setting over long grass.  A broken belt costs approximately £30 to buy and then someone has to fit it.

It is found that when wet grass is mown the cuttings accumulate under the mower, dry out and fall off in large lumps heavy enough to stop the blades.  Be aware.

When you have completed your turn write the date on the notice in the Hangar so that the next “mower” can decide the best time to take their turn.

Can you please mow the helicopter practice area on every other turn, many thanks.

Please note –

If you cannot meet the date then arrange for another member to take your turn.  If  unsuccessful then please contact Paul Morris who may be able to help.

April Mow Pits & Heli Circle Grass to be mown as close to the date shown below as possible
Paul Morris Yes 01 April
Dave Waddell No 08 April
Kevin Wrather Yes 15 April
Brian Cobb No 22 April
Rob Pattenden Yes 29 April
Denis Welchman No 06 May
Colin Rayner Yes 11 May
Brian Webb No 16 May
Bob Ball Yes 21 May
Ian Reid Jones No 26 May
Malcolm Dearing Yes 31 May
Dave Williams No 05 June
Chris Dee Yes 10 June
George Whenham No 15 June
Paul Morris Yes 20 June
Bob Taylor No 25 June
Dave Waddell Yes 30 June
Malcolm Dearing No 07 July
Rob Pattenden Yes 14 July
Brian Webb No 21 July
Bob Ball Yes 28 July
Colin Rayner No 04 August
George Whenham Yes 11 August
Denis Welchman No 18 August
Ian Reid Jones Yes 25 August
Kevin Wrather No 01 September
Bob Taylor Yes 08 September
Brian Cobb No 15 September
Steve Harvey Yes 22 September
Dave Williams No 29 September

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