Members Achievements

The list below shows the achievement of members.  All members are encouraged to gain at least their ‘A’ certificate but to then carry on to gain the ‘B’ certificate.  As a club we are fortunate to have as many instructors and examiners as we do – why not take advantage of the opportunity.
Most Recent Passes – Well done!
Harvey Morris – ‘A’ (FW) certificate 26/10/2017
Graham Pettifer – ‘A’ (FW) certificate 31/07/2017 Kevin Wrather – ‘A’ (Fixed Wing) certificate 01/06/2017
Examiners [ E(FW) ] – Fixed Wing
David Barker Duncan Barker Paul Morris
Ian Newton
BMFA Qualified Instructors [QI(FW) ]- Fixed Wing
Paul Morris Ian Newton
Club Instructors [ I(FW) ] – Fixed Wing
Alan Ballard David Barker Duncan Barker
Gareth Bryant Roger Morris Brian Webb
George Whenham
‘B’ Certificate holders [ B(FW) ] – Fixed Wing
Allan Ballard Dave Barker Duncan Barker
Barrie Burton Duncan Cowell Andy Dennison
Clive Grisold Bob Herbert Tom Jolly
Paul Morris Ray Moss Ian Newton
Ian Walker Brian Webb George Whenham
‘A’ Certificate Holders [ A(FW) ] – Fixed Wing
Rob Anstruther Bob Ball Richard Blenkinsop
Gareth Bryant Trevor Bysouth Peter Critchley
Malcolm Dearing Robert Head Trevor Hopkins
Bruce Kitchen Stephen Lake Ron Large
Terry Masters Harvey Morris Rob Pattenden
Teresa Pemberton Graham Pettifer Brian Roberts
Kevin Roberts Bob Taylor Jeremy Turner
Mike Whittle  Dave Williams  Kevin Wrather
Basic Proficiency Certificate Holders [ BPC(FW)] – Fixed Wing
‘A’ Certificate Holders [ A(SFT) ] – Silent Flight Thermal
Richard Blenkinsop
‘B’ Certificate Holders [ A(H) ] – Helicopters
‘A’ Certificate Holders [ A(H) ] – Helicopters
Andy Dennison Robert Head
LMA Proficiency Certificate
Alan Ballard Barrie Burton Clive Grisold
Bob Herbert Cliff Keen