Brian Roberts’ VTOL

Thanks Brian for sharing details of your VTOL project so far…

Donor plane: Canadair Dynavert


Electronics: Turbowing v2 Control Board

Spektrum AR610 6 chl Rx

1 x retract servo for front motors tilt
2 x 40amp ESC 2 x 10×4.5 props

1 x 9gm mini servo for rear rotor (tilt and steering)
1 x 20amp ESC 1 x 7×3.5 prop

All mounted on spare pieces of ply for flight testing
After some tweaking the craft could be hovered and flown.



Spare vampire body/wings may be fitted later for forward flight (MAYBE!!!)

Current state is that it won’t lift the weight of the Vampire body.

Almost but not quite.

Maybe 3 blade props may help. Everything liable to change.

Watch this space