Annual Summer Barbecue – 21st July

By | July 30, 2019

Club BBQ
This was held at the club field on Sunday 21st July, 2019.
The attendance far exceeded anything we have experienced in recent years. With the parking area full,  it was necessary for at least one member to park in the field behind the hangar,
Many members brought family and friends, who obviously enjoy this event as they keep coming back for more .
Ron Large took on his usual role as i/c the BBQ and with so many present had to get all three sections of the BBQ going, which he did in his usual efficient way.
Soon the smell of burgers, sausages etc. pervaded the air and all enjoying an al fresco lunch. Fortunately the wind was in the right directions, so the smoke from the BBQ was carried away from the pits area.
Thoughout the day the hum of motors could be heard as those who had brought models along enjoyed the excellent weather conditions and kept visitors entertained.
Paul Morris organized a competition the winner of which would be awarded the Bob Chevis Trophy. This was an “All up last down” competition in which around twelve took part. Brian Cobb was in charge of the stopwatch and on his command all models were launched towards the heaven for a ten second engine run. On the command all engines were stopped and it was not long before the heavier models returned to mother earth. Obviously gliders ruled the day with Dave Barker producing the longest flight and thus becoming a worthy winner.
Dave was presented with a medal and small cup by our chairman George Whenham which were a token presentation as he will receive the Bob Chevis trophy at our annual AGM.
Bob Taylor organised a raffle which raised the sum of fifty pounds.
One visitor had a go at flying a model under the watchful eye of Paul Morris and like so many others before him, found flying toy aeroplanes not so easy as it looks..(as many of us are still experiencing).
Our thanks to those club members who put in the time and effort to organise what turned out to be a very successful and enjoyable day