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      Ian Walker

      I am building a twin with brushless motors. I have had conflicting advice how to connect the two ESCs Rx plugs to the aircraft Rx.
      On the one hand it was suggested just put both ESC plugs into a Y lead and then into the A/C Rx. On the other hand I was advised to put
      one plug into the Y lead, cut the red wire in the other and then plug into the Y lead.
      Neither works for me. Suggestions please.
      Ian Walker.

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      Ian Newton

      Ian, The latter is the correct answer. If you plug both ESC leads into a Y lead (assuming they aren’t Opto ESC’s) without removing the red wire from one (don’t cut it – just remove it from the plug and tape it up to the lead) then the BEC’s will potentially interact with one another. Why doesn’t this work for you?

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      Paul Morris

      Hi Ian

      Ian is correct as you only want one ESC feeding your Rx make sure all plugs are orientated correctly and there should be no reason why it should not work.

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