The club operates it’s own weather station

Due to the demise of Shockwave Flash Player this section (WUnderground) will be unavailable until a suitable alternative can be found.

The weather forecast for the flying field can be obtained by clicking here

The current weather at the flying field (and history) can be found by clicking on the here.  An abbreviated view is provided above (click on the arrow).  Also, we have been asked if the web can display wind speed in mph.  Once you reach the WMF weather station  site, click on the cog on the Black header bar and select temperature to be displayed in 0F.  The wind speed will now be in mph (you may need to refresh the page).  Note: you either have to have 0F and mph or 0C and kph, the web site providers make no provision for mix and match!

You can obtain an ‘On Demand’ photo of the current flying field conditions by clicking  here and following the instructions. The quality of the photo provided by our weather station installation has been increased.